Big show coming

Hey guys, we just found out that we’re on a show at the social with… Haste The Day, The Chariot, MCMB, and A Plea For Purging on february 19th. We have presales for 13 dollars. So hit us up!

Take care of each other


This weekend

We’re playing a show in Melbourne this weekend with our good friends in Extinction and some other cool Melbourne locals. I cant wait.  Hopefully, we’ll be getting some footage of the show plus random bullshit that we tend to partake in. Epks are getting put together so we can get some management… or whatever. Before ” The Dirty Looks Tour Round 2″, we should have some recordings up of the new jams.

WMBH will be getting out of Orlando very soon, and we can’t wait to do it. I want to thank the few people that have always been by our side with this musical endeavor. To be able to make so many new friends and fans over the past few years has meant so much to us. You guys mean the world to us. We still have a very very long way to go as a band, but we are going to do it.  Thanks for reading, keep checking back. Take care of eacother.




We haven’t taken the time to update this in a while, so I thought I’d take the time to post something. Well, we went on a tour this summer called “The Endless Bummer” and met a bunch of awesome people, made some new friends and made a total of 30 dollars as a band in 2 weeks. It was the greatest time ever. You can watch the videos on our facebook page. We wrote a bunch of new tunes and recorded one you can find on facebook and myspace (which i will give links too) called “Old Wounds”. Currently, we’re booking a tour for the spring with our friends in Henrietta. It’s a long and tedious process just to play 10 shows in a little over a week in Georgia, Alabama, and Florida; but it will be worth it. Make sure you guys keep checking back, we plan on being very very busy in the near future. Happy New Years. Take care of eachother



This past weekend was amazing. We had an amazing time with our new best friends in Visions. We want to thank logan for everything he did for us and all of the other amazing people that contributed. Holly maddux helped us out a ton as well. They are both amazingggg bands and we cant wait to go back and have a great time again this july!

In other news, guitar work for the new song (21) is done. Just a few more weeks and we will have a new song to play live. We are all pretty excited about that. We are still working on booking our tour and its getting rather sluggish but dont fear, we will have this thing fully booked within the next month…hopefully haha. Before we go out, we decided that we are going to do some demo tracks for our 2-3 new songs with my new recording gear. Im really excited to see the new quality i can get with songs now, ahh! We will be hitting the studio in october to record a few new songs and hopefully get them sent out to labels and get this ball rolling! I hope all of you are doing well. Ill be sure to keep updating this as soon as there is new info. I think shane is uploading some new pictures from this past weekend sometime in the next few days. We luh you buddy =)

Btw, we are playing with oh, sleeper may 22nd, come!


still bookin’

tonight has been rather successful minus the fact that we found out that eddie cant come to this weekend tour. I think we have only played one show without eddie and mannnn I don’t think it went that great haha. you might say “well, just find someone to learn eddies bass parts”. I think that is virtually impossible due to the fact that eddie does so much shit that you hardly get to hear (mostly because the bass ALWAYS sits so low in the mix, whether it be live or in a recording. I think its fucking bullshit btw) so that leaves us in a really awkward position to play this show without eddie or to drop off the shows that we have been planning for about a month now. I suppose we will just go with the flow and do what we need to do in order to get the job done and make everyone happy.

Im also pretty stoked on going to see The Fall Of Troys last orlando show EVER tomorrow. I hope this is a great show and they refrain from playing any of their new stuff. I will be sure to let all of you know via this band wordpress rather than just sharing my opinions else where. I mean, who reads this thing anyway?

P.s. the tour is coming together amazing! There have been some really helpful people thus far and it looks like it will be fully booked in a month or so. That leaves us with plenty of time to get a few new songs done, money saved and a new set list created. I hope you are all ready for wumbuh at its finest =)

have a good one! lee.

doin’ work

We are about to meet up with our photographer, Chris Garcia in a little while. I cant believe its been over a year since we actually got some good shots. Im not sure what kind of ideas he will have for us, but im sure we will take it to the extreme and do something that isnt serious what-so-ever. This past wednesday we worked on neris song and we got a lot of it done, suhweeet. I have been booking dates like crazy so if you live anywhere in florida be prepared for a show sometime soon. The plan is to hit all of the florida dates that are on our summer tour at least once before we play them in june/july. Also, we are hopefully sending out some epks to labels, management, booking and sponsorship companies after we get these awesome shots, so excited.

If there is a city in florida that we dont have listed that you would like us to come to, please let us know. That is all it takes and we will do everything in our power to go out there and play.

Everything else is relatively the same as it was a few days ago,  so there isnt much else to update on. Hope you have a good one!


booking shows in other cities is hard shit, especially when you ask for money to drive your 15 passenger van and trailer out there. you would think that 50 bucks isnt a big deal, but wow it really is(apparently).

if you or anyone knows how to do this successfully, let me know haha. other than that we are meeting up tonight to decide where we would like to go with this tour this summer. we are thinking on condensing the states so its easier in gas money, but then again we dont want to sacrifice anything.

other than the problems listed, the wumbuh camp is doing really well. we have been working on some new songs recently. you might say “well lee, you guys just released a 6 song ep just a month ago! you crazy!” but to tell you the truth, we are monsters. we have one song completely done that we have been playing live as of late and it seems to be going really well with the crowd response. it is by far our favorite song to play already. we are almost done with eddies new song (21) and just started working on ryans new song (22). also, im sure jake is working on a crazy new song but who knows.

OH OH! recently jake , neri, and shane started a design company (Jaws Out Designs) http://www.myspace.com/jawsout if you would like to check it out. they are doing work really cheap right now in order to get their names out there. ryan is also starting to apprentice at granted ink tattoo studio right now. so excited for some free work =)

as of right now that is just a little bit of what is happening with wumbuh. this is my first post on this thing so im sure i will be checking in periodically to update with some more useless info for all of those who actually read this thing haha. have a good one. your buddy, lee.